Endless Journey

Endless Journey Hospice Omaha Nebraska thank you

Endless Journey is a community based hospice service providing care to eligible clients within the home or facility setting. The service is initiated by a referral from the physician, family member or client when it has been determined that the illness is terminal, and aggressive treatment would be ineffective, no longer viable, or has been […]

Wonderful Care. Tenderness. Warmth and Loving Support.

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“I want to thank all of the people at Endless Journey Hospice for the wonderful care that you gave to my mother. I could not have asked for any better care for her. The hospice nurse that was there for us at the end of my mom’s life answers to a higher calling than the […]

Compassion. Understanding. Knowledge.

“Endless Journey came into our home in my husband’s final days and brought with them so much compassion, understanding and knowledge that I immediately felt more at ease with our situation. They quickly assessed the needs of my husband and spoke with me and my daughters to learn how they could help the entire family. […]