Completing Our Journey

I have been at a loss for words lately.  The purpose of this blog is to share my heart with all of you so that you can follow our passion and our progress.  For whatever reason, I needed perspective before I could reach out to you…. I feel it growing and changing and am ready to share.

Endless Journey has been Melanie’s dream for as long as she can remember.  She has been passionate about changing the world since she was a little girl.  When she became a CNA she found her passion for hospice and has been walking this path ever since.

I knew that I was waiting for my life to start, for something big to happen.  I enjoyed working with families and children, however once I started working with an older population I found a passion and love for hospice.  The more I learned the more passionate I became about end of life and educating as many as I could about living until we die.

Melanie and I have climbed many mountains and been told No more times than we can count.  We have laughed and cried, lived and loved, traveled and sat still while many amazing people joined us; each one of them contributing their own passion to the purpose.

This week we take the next step toward fulfilling Melanie’s dream.  We will visit facilities, physicians and the community to sign contracts and offer our services.  We will begin providing services to clients.  We will begin offering end of life care in a new and innovative way.  Our mission is to provide the absolute best end of life care possible so that others can complete this journey with integrity.

This is it!!  Exactly one year later … we will begin our life’s work.  We are a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We will serve our God and our community so that others can live and die with dignity.

We give glory, praise, and prayers of thanksgiving that this is our calling.

We are Endless Journey and we are here!

With a grateful and humble heart,