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Grief Support

Losing someone you love is a pain that only those who have experienced it understand.  We can be sympathetic and offer heartfelt condolences.  We can hold someone’s hand as they cry and say things like “I understand” or “I know how you must be feeling”.  Trust me, until you have lived through a loss that changes your whole world it is not possible to comprehend the emotion.

It can be overwhelming, as if all hope is gone and our existence lacks purpose.  It can feel as though moving forward is impossible without them.

There is hope.  There is healing.  These come with love, time and support.  Our God has gifted us with all the love, time and support we need to make it through these moments.  His gift of unconditional love and the promises He has made offer us hope in these dark times.

We can only imagine the pain of loss for each person experiencing it.  We can only offer our love, time and support.  We have developed a bereavement program that will support you throughout your healing process and beyond.  We believe that there are no limits to the feelings of loss and that endless support should be available.

We have established a support group as the initial program, with many additions to come.  Please feel free to join us at any of our meetings, regardless of your relationship to us or the type of loss you are grieving.  We are here and will do all that we can to support your journey as you move forward.  A support group schedule will be in a separate post.

With a grateful and humble heart,


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Endless Journey is a community based hospice service providing care to eligible clients within the home or facility setting. The service is initiated by a referral from the physician, family member or client when it has been determined that the illness is terminal, and aggressive treatment would be ineffective, no longer viable, or has been declined by the client.