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Frequently Asked Questions

Hospice care a palliative approach to end of life that centers around the client and their quality of life. Rather than trying to cure the disease, hospice provides clients the ability to treat their symptoms and manage their pain. Choosing hospice doesn’t mean that our clients or their families are “giving up”. Choosing hospice means they are focusing on comfort instead of a cure so that a better quality of life can be maintained for as long as possible. Hospice care is personalized to meet the needs of each client. Clients will have an interdisciplinary team which manages their pain, symptoms, and designs a plan of care to meet their unique circumstances.

An interdisciplinary team may include the client’s primary physician, the hospice medical director, a registered nurse, hospice aide, social worker, chaplain, dietitian, volunteer and other disciplines providing care. The team works together to develop a plan of care to address each client’s specific need. They meet regularly to discuss the plan of care and make changes when appropriate to ensure the client and their family’s needs are met.

Endless Journey hospice care is available to clients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Several factors determine hospice care is eligibility. The client’s physician and the hospice medical director agree that the client’s disease process is at its final stage, meaning if the disease progresses normally, the client’s life expectancy is six months or less. The client and their family choose to change the focus of their treatment, from trying to cure the disease, to managing symptoms and pain. At times, the disease does not progress normally and a client will be provided hospice care services longer than six months. It is also possible for clients to “graduate” hospice care. The terminal illness could cease to show a decline, resulting in an improvement of the client’s condition.

Hospice is covered for eligible clients under the Medicare Hospice Benefit, most state Medicaid plans and many private insurance plans. Endless Journey provides hospice care regardless of the client’s financial resources. We believe hospice is a right, not a privilege. Everyone deserves to prepare for end of life and beyond with respect, dignity, quality care, comfort and compassion.

Hospice care services can be provided wherever our clients live. This means a client can receive services if they are living in a private residence in the community, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and even in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Endless Journey has staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should our clients need nursing services, social services or spiritual care after normal business hours. Hospice care is designed to be supplemental care. The interdisciplinary team works hand in hand with our client’s primary caregivers to provide additional care and support. Not only for our clients, but for their loved ones, and caregivers during end-of-life and beyond.

Hospice care is personalized care, individualized to meet our client’s needs. Every hospice client will have access to a registered nurse, a hospice aide, a spiritual counselor, a bereavement coordinator, a dietician, a social worker, hospice volunteers, and other members of the interdisciplinary team. The number of visits from each discipline will vary depending on our client’s needs, and will be outlined in the client’s plan of care. The frequency of visits will be addressed during Interdisciplinary Team meetings and may change or evolve over time.

“It is a client’s right to be free to choose any qualified agency offering him/her services”, according to Medicare. Choosing a provider for end of life care is a personal decision. We encourage clients to interview several companies before making a choice. Although Medicare regulates hospice services, each company has a unique approach and philosophy. It’s important to choose the provider that is right for you.

Endless Journey is an Omaha based, locally owned and operated company started by two direct care providers, RN Hospice Case Manager Melanie Costlow, and Hospice Social Service Director Amy Douglas. The entire Endless Journey staff, from our Volunteers to our Medical Director, have a passion for Hospice and will provide our clients the best care possible. Endless Journey takes a holistic philosophy on Hospice care. One in which our clients and their families are nourished physically, emotionally and spiritually as they prepare for end of life and beyond. Endless Journey offers all the traditional hospice services, as well as holistic options, including but not limited to: Healing Touch, Aroma Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chiropractic services, Pet Therapy, and Reiki. Endless Journey clients and their families can also take advantage of several programs we offer including Heart to Home, Sit Beside Me, We Salute You and in the future Mark’s Meals and our Non-Profit Hospice House.