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Our Care

Our care is meant to address all the needs of our clients both physically and emotionally. No matter what they need, our team can provide support and solutions.

Nursing Care

Compassion is the heart of nursing care in hospice. Hospice care is coordinated by an RN Case Manager as directed by the Medical Director or Primary Care Physician. The nurse completes a full assessment of each client and develops a plan of care to address each area of concern.

Table of fresh fruit and veggies our care on-staff dietitian Endless Journey Hospice Omaha Nebraska

On-Staff Dietitian

Endless Journey offers the support and expertise of a Registered Dietician/Chef to our clients, families and community. The traditional hospice role of a Dietician is to review and offer suggestions regarding the nutritional needs of the client. 

Psychosocial Support

Our idea of a holistic experience includes the services of a Spiritual Care Coordinator (SCC). The SCC will provide spiritual support as directed by the client and family. Religion is respected; however, all spirituality is supported.

two people watching the sunset our care psychosocial support Endless Journey Hospice Omaha Nebraska
Women helping man in wheelchair volunteer manager Our care volunteer program Endless Journey Hospice Omaha Nebraska

Volunteer Program

Volunteers serve a unique purpose in client-centered hospice care. They offer companionship, socialization and support without compensation. This role is critical in the Sit Beside Me and We Salute You programs, as well as individual need determined support. 

Grief Support

Grief has no boundaries, timelines or expectations. Endless Journey identifies that grieving begins upon decline and diagnosis. Our clients and their families have had to adjust to many changes prior to contact with us.

Mother resting head on son's shoulder our care grief support Endless Journey Hospice Omaha Nebraska about

Children's Support

Providing support to the whole family includes support for the youngest members. Endless Journey has developed a program of support for children who are connected to our patients, whether they are great-grandchildren, grandchildren, children, siblings, or any other type of child relationship, our team is available to provide assistance and support.

Holistic Intervention

From pet therapy to acupressure to nutrition therapy, our expert staff provides a full range of holistic modalities to support our clients’ emotional and physical health.