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Grief Support

Caring for Clients and Families

“That’s the thing about love. Love is the only thing we can carry with us when we go. It’s the only thing that never dies, it’s an endless journey.” 
Melanie Costlow- President & Founder

Endless Journey Understands

Endless Journey understands that grief is a unique process that each individual walks through at their own pace. Often, grief processes begin at the time of a decline in health or at the time of a new diagnosis. We recognize the many losses our clients, and their family, have experience. The loss of independence, of their “normal”, amongst many others. In addition to those losses, the news of a terminal illness sparks a wave of emotions and concern that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Clients, and their family members, must adjust to the idea that their journey is going to be different than they expected. Our bereavement support aims to walk hand-in-hand with the whole family to support them as they journey through this time of change and grief. 

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Endless Support

Our supportive bereavement programing has two veins of care, Anticipatory Support and Grief Support:

Anticipatory Support

The Endless Journey bereavement team offers support and resources, upon admission, to help families reconcile with the changes and losses they are experiencing. The anticipatory grief program is aimed at assisting family members in adjusting to end of life and understanding the various processes that occur within the family system when a loved one is dying. Education and support are offered by request of the family or upon referral by a member of the interdisciplinary team. This support can be on an individual basis or for the whole family/group of caring contacts. These services are tailored to each client/family.

Grief Support

As our clients complete their end-of-life transition, the bereavement team will offer emotional support for the whole family, including child family members. This emotional support includes the opportunity for legacy projects and a creating a safe space for difficult conversations. There is also opportunity for ‘Sit Beside Me’ volunteers if they can be arranged through the volunteer coordinator. 

Endless Journey recognizes that loss impacts each member of a family in a unique way and so aims to support families in the same. Adult grievers have access to support from the Bereavement Coordinator, their Social Worker, the Holistic team, and the Spiritual Care providers. Our bereavement team also includes specific support for the youngest grievers of a family, please see our Children’s Support tab under Our Care from the website.

Compassionate Support

Endless Journey hospice understands that grief has no boundaries, timelines, or expectations. For this reason, our bereavement support is not limited to thirteen months as dictated by Medicare standards. Instead, families are encouraged to maintain a relationship with our team for as long as is supportive. Families will receive our coordinated bereavement programing after the death of their loved one. This is accomplished by way of routine grief support mailings, a tree in memory, and an invitation to engage in a remembrance walk. Additionally, family members are encouraged to engage in 1:1 support calls/visits as they need or desire. We encourage all our families to utilize these services as they walk their grief journey.  For some, participating in group support is more helpful, for this reason Endless Journey recommends the following community groups:

The Collective for Hope Omaha, NE

Mourning Hope Grief Center Lincoln, NE

Grief Share various locations

For others, we know that a set group grief program can feel a little overwhelming. To support this population, Endless Journey has a monthly opportunity for grievers to gather and spend time in friendship with others who have experienced loss. This monthly gathering, called Mourning Coffee, engages in undirected conversation and communal support over coffee and snacks. For additional information regarding this program please call our office at (402)-800-8145 to find out about the next gathering time and location.