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Holistic Interventions

We had the opportunity to participate in the SoulWorks Holistic Expo last weekend.  It was our second year at this event, and another enjoyable experience.  It became apparent that our audience may not be aware of the holistic choices we offer and the purpose of them.

Endless Journey offers holistic interventions to improve mind, body and spirit.  Traditionally, pain is managed through medication however by utilizing other methods we may be able to otherwise improve comfort.

Our clients have benefited from healing touch and reiki.  We also offer massage therapy, guided meditation, aromatherapy, music therapy, pet therapy, acupuncture/acupressure and chiropractic services.  The purpose is to reduce reliance on medication and improve comfort without side effects.  We respect and utilize medication for routine purposes and as directed by the physician.

I have experienced the holistic options we offer and would recommend them to everyone.  The feeling of release followed by inner peace cannot be explained.  I have become increasingly aware of my own energy and emotion which improves my ability to balance my life.

For more information please call our office 402.800.8145.

With a grateful and humble heart,


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