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Thank You All So Much

“To all of the folks at Endless Journey – Thank you all so much for being such a blessing in our lives and that of our mom… if only for a relatively short time that you were in it. From the first early morning meeting with Amy (on our time schedule) to the care and concern from TJ, and the speed of the orders that were put through to Good Sam, to the bath aide… she was a blessing to us… which leads me to Maria and the wonderful and timely lunch that was sent. It was absolutely delicious and it came at a time when we could really use it…

A thanks also to the Chaplain who called to extend her help and kind words.

We weren’t really sure what to expect when we engaged ‘hospice,’ I think we thought that it would just be for our mom so she wouldn’t have to suffer, but it was all that and so much more. You were a total blessing to our family and we will recommend your services to anyone and everyone.”

-Nancy D.
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Endless Journey is a community based hospice service providing care to eligible clients within the home or facility setting. The service is initiated by a referral from the physician, family member or client when it has been determined that the illness is terminal, and aggressive treatment would be ineffective, no longer viable, or has been declined by the client.